When does a booking become payable?

On Monday and Tuesday after the payment term, we will send our providers a Reconcile payment with all the services performed in this payment term. 

Once the report is received, each provider needs to check if the Reconcile payment included is correct and according to their own invoicing. If the information is OK, you need to reply to us to confirm payment by the end of Wednesday. For example, if your payment term is monthly and ends on 30th November – Wednesday, the next Monday or Tuesday – 5th or 6th of December, we send the details of November reservations (from November 1st to November 30th).

Once this is made, your payment is paid on the Thursday of this week. Please, note if you don't confirm the payment, it will remain in "On Hold" status and will not be released.

If any booking receives the customer's complaint, the payment will be held until the dispute is settled (normally, it takes us about 15 days to solve the complaint).

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