What do I do if my customer doesn’t show up?

What do I do if my customer doesn’t show up?

We understand that sometimes it can take customers longer than the allotted 45 minutes to make their way to the pickup point due to the dynamic nature of airport pickups.
If nobody arrives after the waiting time is up, then before leaving the pickup location follow these necessary steps:

Driver is unable to wait:

  • Save proof the customer was phoned (E.g. screenshot of the phone call).
  • Save proof the driver was on time and waited the correct amount of time. For example: parking tickets, GPS logs, timestamped photograph, or use the driver app.
  • Submit the customer no-show report, with the proof attached, via the the "Contact Us" button below.
  • If using a parking ticket, we recommend ensuring that it includes: the time entering and leaving the car park, the date and the location. Without this information, we can't guarantee we'll be able to defend the complaint.

And then leave us to do the rest. If a customer reports an issue, we will already have all the information we need to assist them and you will not be charged. 

Driver can wait:

Before extending your waiting time, call us on +1 (415) 855 3868 and we’ll confirm with the customer if they still need the ride and make sure you are paid for the additional time spent. 

Check out the link for more details https://mytravelthru.com/customer-no-show-instructions/#/

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