1. All bookings should have an assigned driver.
  2. Drivers must start their journey by sending their Driver Event through your designated driver’s app. 
  3. Drivers must wait for customers as per our agreed airport meeting points. 
  4. Wait for 60 minutes from when your customer lands (or from your agreed offset time)  or 15 minutes if it is a non-airport pick up. 
  5. Contacting the customer by call and / or text message every 5 to 10 minutes until the waiting time is over.
  6. If the customer has not appeared after the attempts to contact them and the waiting time has ended, report it as a customer no show (even if you wish to wait more time for them for free).

If it is a customer no show:

  1. Driver should report it through the Driver app. 
  2. Or, save proof the customer was phoned (E.g. screenshot of the phone call), that the driver was on time and waited the correct amount of time, for example: parking tickets, GPS logs, timestamped photographs and send proof to QCI Department email: npu@mytravelthru.com
    • If using a parking ticket, we recommend ensuring that it includes: the time entering and leaving the car park, the date and the location. Without this information, we can't guarantee we'll be able to defend the complaint.
  • If the customer files a complaint, this is when our customer service agents will contact you if necessary. This can be up to two weeks later, so it is important that you always keep proof of your pickups.

 Last-minute cases, in booking details or when picking up the customer:

  1.    If the customer requests any stops along the way or any additional service not paid in the booking.
  2.      If the customer appears with more passengers or more luggage than booked.
  • In both cases, contact our CS Team as soon as possible by phone at +1-415-855-3868, to be able to add the extra amount to the booking rate.
  • Please do not receive extraordinary direct payments from the customer for any reason that has to do with the booking.